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The hardworking people who made the whole project a success are:

The Teacher Committee
Chairman: Mr Ooi Keng Chew
Mr. Ooi Keng Chew, the Head of Students’ Affairs oversees the running of the whole project. Discussions are held from time to time to implement new projects. For example, he initiated the Inter-Notice Board competition and the School Pledge. He was the prime mover in the Millenium Tree Planting Programme on 15 October last year. Mr. Ooi has also made available MBS certificates of appreciation for winners of competitions organized by the committee.

Secretary: Mr Ooi Gim Ewe
Mr. Ooi Gim Ewe, the School Counsellor is the “link-man”. He contacts the sponsors such as B. Braun Medical Industries and Golden Sands Resort and liaises with the student committee on a regular basis. New developments and ideas are shared with the student committee and vice-versa. For example, Ooi coordinated the recycling project with Eden Handicap Centre and Golden Sands Resort’s Recycle for Rewards Campaign. The bookmark project is his pet project. As the secretary, he does the documentation of all the projects implemented.

Ethos Committee: Mr. Mohd. Nasseer Ismail
Mr. Mohd. Nasseer Ismail, Senior Language Teacher helps in programmes that will help create an environment friendly surrounding. He also advises in matters pertaining to the use of languages in correspondence and write-ups. For instance, he wrote the translated version of the MBS Environmental Statement. Besides supervising the mini exhibition, Mr. Nasseer also represented the school in the handing over of the bookmarks to our neighbouring schools and organizations.

Cleanliness Committee: Madam Yeoh Gim Suan
Madam Yeoh Gim Suan, the Senior Science Teacher monitors the school cleanliness and beautification programme. Thus far, she managed to acquire 100 seedlings from the Botanical Gardens and have started new zones for planting flowers and green plants. Madam Yeoh has also brought her Rovers and Cleanliness Club to lend support to our campaign. She initiated the Weekly Cleanliness Competition and oversees the various school green corners. Incidentally, she was the “budding” student poet who planted a “Rose of India” tree on 21 September 1964! The newspaper cutting is placed on the notice board as an inspiration to the readers.

Environmental Awareness Committee: Mr. Zulkifli Zainol Alam
Art Teacher, Mr. Zulkifli Zainol Alam completes the teachers’ team of five. He designed the school wall mural and organized the painting of the mural. Zulkifli drew the beautiful set of bookmarks and helped organize the colouring competition involving 410 students from the afternoon session. He also supervises the students’ involvement in the management of the notice boards.

The Student Committee
Chairman: Shawn Lam Tze Ming - 4 Science 1
Shawn shoulders the responsibility of getting the other committees moving. He also heads the environmental awareness committee. Two main projects were initiated by Shawn, namely the MBS Nature Lovers’ Website and the Penang Factories’ Enviro-Commitment Survey. Shawn and his team of six sent out environaires to over 80 factories and companies in Penang.

Shawn also participated in reading one of the articles during the weekly assembly and was on hand to represent the students in donating bookmarks to our neighbours and friends. The MBS Library Green Corner is Shawn’s brainchild. Ooi Kean Hoo and Kor Poh Teik of 5 Perdagangan assists Shawn in the school mural project. They were the artists who painted the wall mural.

Secretary: Lye Hong Loon - 4 Science 1
Hong Loon also heads the Cleanliness Committee. Tuan See Yuen of 2 Iswara. Assists Hong Loon when the Nature Lovers’ Club meets on Saturdays. They support Mrs. Yeoh’s Cleanliness Club in helping to create a cleaner and better school environment. Hong Loon is also heading the tree-labelling project. He is also involved in the mural project and the collection of aluminium cans. Hong Loon and Shawn coordinated the Signature Pledge for the entire morning session.

Ethos Committee: Gan Jin Choon - 4 Science 1
Gan Jin Choon of 4 Science 1 heads this committee. He is helped by Koay Seong of 2 Tiara. Jin Choon and a team of students played a major role in removing the paintwork of the old and worn-down mural. They are also responsible in the mini exhibition held on 10-11 May 2001. That aside, Jin Choon helps prepare the charcoal satchets to absorb odour in the toilets. Jin Choon and Sen Keat are responsible for the paper recycling campaign. They are also involved in the planting of fruit trees and vegetables.

Environmental Awareness Committee: Ho Sen Keat - 4 Science 1
Ho Sen Keat of 4 Science head this committee. He is assisted by Justin Fong. They fill up the 10 panels of notice boards from time to time. Sen Keat is also in charge of the scrapbook project and helps to encourage his friends to bring old newspapers and aluminium cans. They were responsible for helping set up the Green Corner at the school library and support the Ethos Committee in the planting of vegetables and fruit trees. Justin read one of the articles during the school assembly.

Together all of them made the whole project something the school can be proud of.

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