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Wall Mural measuring 30 feet by 10 feet
Completed 13 April
The slogan “MBS Enviro 2001 : We Care” is centrally placed on the wall mural. All vehicles coming into the school will pass the colourful wall mural on the way out.

A Set of Bookmarks
Printed 3 May
Every member of the school population has a complimentary set of the school bookmarks that carries the slogan and the environmental statement. The 5,000 bookmarks were a gift from the MBS Parent Teachers’ Association. Samples of the bookmarks can be seen in the Photos section.

MBS Environmental Statement Plaque
Completed 17 April
A plaque measuring 3 ft by 2ft was specially made and placed along one of the busier corridor in the school. The plaque carries the school’s environmental statement clearly.

School Captains’ Commitment
Signed 3 April
One of the notice boards in the B. Braun Learning Corridor carries the environmental statements signed by the Principal, Senior Assistant I and II, and all the senior teachers. A laminated version is placed in the Principal’s room and the school library. This is to show the commitment of the captains of the school.

Signature Pledge
3-12 May
The entire morning school population of about 1,100 students signed and pledged to help make the school a better place to live in. Taking the lead in the pledge was the Head Prefect, Jeffrey Owe. This would be a good start to creating environmental awareness amongst the school population. The Signature Pledge together with the School Captains’ commitment was displayed during the 2-day mini-exhibition at the school foyer held on 11-12 May.

Pledge-Taking Ceremony
3 May
The ceremony was held on 3rd May 2001 with all the morning students taking the pledge with the Head Prefect, Jeffrey Owe leading the pledge. A similar event was held on 30 April for the afternoon session with Saiful Afril of Form 2 Satria in lead. The Chairman of the MBS Green Working Committee, Mr. Ooi Keng Chew, who is the Head of Student Affairs, also read the school slogan during the special assembly. Pictures below show the pledge taken during the Morning (left) and Afternoon Assembly (right). Mr. Ooi (centre) is seen here addressing the morning session.

Colouring Competition
A Colouring Competition was held for the entire afternoon session comprising 420 students. The students coloured copies of the outline of the school mural with the school slogan. It was held during the school art lessons. The winners were displayed on the school notice boards. The event was held over a two-week period.

Green Educational Visit To Golden Sands Resort
5 May
A team of 37 students and 6 teachers visited the Golden Sand Resort in Batu Feringghi. The Principal, Mr. Choong Thean Chuan, who is the advisor to the project presented 40 sets of bookmarks (120) to the resort for distribution to its staff. As a gesture of goodwill, the resort has agreed to purchase a further substantial amount of bookmarks to be distributed to the hotel staff and guests.

Paper Reduction Campaign
The Principal has announced a no-tissue usage in the school vicinity for all male students. Handkerchiefs are encouraged. The environment assessment committee found out that tissues are the most common rubbish thrown in the school. The school prefects will confiscate tissues found on boys.
Examination questions are also to be printed on both side of the paper and answers must be written on both sides too. The use of the risograph machine is on condition that B5 papers are used on all sides; thereby exam questions will use less paper.
Weekly Cleanliness Competition
The cleanest class is announced weekly based on fixed criteria. The judges will be the 2 duty teachers. The results and judging criteria are enclosed.
Eden Handicap Centre Recycling Bin
All unwanted paper and boxes are thrown into the recycling bin. Thus far, we have filled up three big bins measuring 5 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet with recyclable paper and aluminium cans.
Laboratory Waste
The Head of the Science Department, Madam Lim Pin Lean has instructed the laboratory assistants to prepare just the right amount of chemicals to avoid waste as well as reduce disposal. She has actually contacted Universiti Sains Malaysia to help in the safe disposal of chemicals used in experiments but was told that USM will not accept chemical waste from institutions outside the university. A contractor proposed by USM was found to be too expensive. The old system of burying the waste in containers was discarded as it may affect the water table.
Restroom Cleanliness
. The school’s toilets are old, clogged and dilapidated. Efforts have been made to raise funds through a cleanathon that will be held in June and a sum of RM10,000 was secured from YB. Lim Boo Chang. The committee in charge has decided to built a more practical toilet that would be easier to maintained. It will probably be modeled after the toilets at the Pusat Kecemerlangan Westlands.
A Reflexology Path was built in early April this year to get the students closer to nature when using the path. The beautiful pebbles do add to the school’s beauty. YB Lim Boo Chang donated the path.
The MBS Interact Club has launched an ambitious Garden-Fountain Project in early March. The Garden-Fountain, built by the students themselves is expected to be completed in August this year.
A School Enviro Wall Mural was completed by the students on 13th April. The mural is easily the brightest project initiated.
Adopt a Corner Programme – each society is required to adopt, manage and landscape a plot of land. A competition was initiated in early March and is expected to be complete in June. Students take turns to maintain and beautify their respective corners.
The School Living Skills Workshop will undergo some renovations with RM16,100 secured. The letter of intent is attached.
Charcoal in plastic sachets is placed in the school toilets to absorbed unwanted odour. No smoking signs are prominently placed.

Bookmark Project
2 April-2 July
Project Leaders : Shawn Lam/Peng Khai
The themes of the bookmarks are “Protect the Endangered Species” and “Development in Harmony with Nature”. These themes were meant to create awareness to holders of the bookmarks on two main issues that threatened our society today.
Each student was presented with a set of three bookmarks to be given to their parents. In all, 12,000 bookmarks were printed and 10,000 were distributed for free. The main objective was to touch as many people as possible with our message “We Care”. B. Braun Medical Industries sponsored the entire cost of the printing. Shawn Lam and Hong Loon were involved in the distribution of bookmarks to the community. Indirectly, we train them to be the future leaders in the environment cause.

School Assemblies – Program Cetusan Minda
9 March-16 April
Project Leader : Shawn Lam/Lye Hong Loon
Over 4 morning assemblies, a student enviro leader read a brief article on environment awareness during each assembly. Besides moulding young environmental leaders, the readings were meant to share issues and ideas with the school population. The students, with the help of the advisers prepared the topics with readings from newspapers, magazines and the internet. Shawn Lam, Lye Hong Loon, Eddy Wong and Justin Fong took part in the readings. The topics covered were recycling, saving water, and traffic pollution. The afternoon session managed to have three readings.

School Wall Mural
19 February – 13 April
Project Leaders : Ooi Kean Hoo/Kor Poh Teik
Graphic Artist : Mr. Zulkifli Zainal Abidin
This graphic mural, measuring 30’ by 10’ was drawn to project the idea of co-existence between nature and development. In all, 15 students and 4 teachers took part in the creation of the mural.
While the project helped to spread MBS’ message, more importantly, the process of creating the mural itself was a good lesson in environment education. Daily onlookers were eagerly following the progress of the mural and interpreting the “hidden” message. Once again, B. Braun Medical Industries sponsored this project.

Helping Eden Handicapped Centre’s Recycling Project
Project Leaders : Gan Jin Choon/Ho Sen Keat
Helping Eden Handicapped Centre in their recycling project not only helps the recycling cause but also disabled people earn a living. The level of awareness in recycling is still very low in the school. As such we agreed to allow the center place a recycling bin measuring 5’ by 3’ by 3’ for collecting old newspapers, clothings and aluminium cans. The project was started on 10 February 2001. Thus far, the collection rate is once a month. The support from the school population is commendable. Thus far, we have contributed 3 bins to this worthy cause.

Golden Sand Resort’s Recycle for Rewards Campaign
20 April-5 May
Project Leader : Shawn Lam
This project was actually a follow-up of the launching of the project on 20th April by Dr. Teng Hock Nam. The Secretary of the Main Committee, Mr. Ooi attended the launch and issued the challenge to the students.
Initially, the committee set a target of 50 stacks of newspapers, each stack measuring 8 inches thick for the 2-week period of the school campaign. When the response was very encouraging, we increased the target to 100 stacks.
On 5th May, 100 stacks of newspaper, estimated at 200 kg were presented to the recycling centre in the resort on 5 May 2001. 37 students, accompanied by 5 teachers and the school principal brought the newspapers to the resort. The resort Communications Director, Mr. Sulaiman Tunku Abdul Rahman was overwhelmed by the support and contacted the The New Straits Times Press who reported the event on their 6 May edition. The news report helps us share the recycling cause with the public.

Survey on Factories’ Commitment to the Environment
1 March-30 April
Project Leader : Shawn Lam
The survey was carried out by a student committee of six in the hope of creating future leaders in the environmental cause. That aside, the survey sought to gauge the level of our Penang state private sector’s commitment towards the environmental cause. Shawn Lam and his team prepared the environaires, analysis and report themselves. The team sent out over 80 environaires to factories and companies in Penang. However, only 17 responded to the environaires. The original report is attached.

English Language Week Debate
15 March
The English Language Debate was a good opportunity to open the minds of our younger generation to think of issues that will affect their lives and surroundings. Through the influence of Mr. Nasseer Ismail, the Head of the Language Department, the Organizing Committee agreed to the motion “Development at the Expense of Nature” in the finals of the English Language Debate.
The debate was held in front of an audience of 100 students. The idea to generate interest in the increasingly important issue of Nature Versus Development was a success as many members of the floor spoke when the judges deliberated the results. In fact, the debaters managed to bring up some interesting and concrete points to support or oppose the motion.

Inter Society Beautification Competition
5 March-23 July
Project Leader : Ho Sen Keat
The main objective was to get students involved in beautifying the schools by updating and decorating the various clubs’/societies’ notice boards and also maintaining and landscaping the various garden corners.
With over 30 clubs in the school, there would be a major improvement in the notice board scene as well as the school compound. A sum of RM100 and certificates has been allocated for the main prize winners.

10-11 May
Project Leader : Lye Hong Loon
The various trees that could be identified by their local names and scientific names were labelled. Special labels were made with money raised from the bookmark project. Labelling the tree, akin to people with names, gives a sense of “living” in trees. That way, our students will learn to value trees and be concern with their survival. Thus far, we have labelled 8 trees.

Using Environment-Friendly Material
Initiated 15 January
For a start, we have initiated the use of charcoal as a natural resource for absorbing bad odour in the teachers’ toilets and the ladies’ toilets. The charcoal are placed in plastic nettings and hung in specific areas.

The Scrap Book Competition
17 February – 17 April
Project Leader : Gan Jin Choon
A scrap book competition was initiated for the Remove class, Form 1 and Form 2 students. The students had to collect articles on environmental protection and issues and freely create their own scrapbooks. The main objectives was to have sustained interest in collecting, and in the process, read materials or see pictures that champion the environmental cause. The participation was not too good with only 16 entries. Our congratulations to the participants for the sustained interests! The best 5 scrapbooks were awarded prizes in the form of trophies. A sample scrapbook is enclosed.

Tree, Flowers and Vegetable Planting
Initiated 16 December
Project Leaders : Gan Jin Choon/Tuan See Yuen
MBS has a long stretch of long by the river that is overgrown with undergrowth and is left untouched. The school’s Nature Lovers’ Club has “adopted” the “bare”land with the aim of planting vegetables and fruit trees. This will allow the students involved to be aware of the benefits of planting the trees and vegetables. Done
Many different types of fruit trees such as papaya, limau kasturi, guava, promeganade, banana and limau purut have been planted. The vegetables include sengkuang, chili, daun panadan, ribena and serai. Done
On 1-2nd March, Mrs. Yeoh Gim Suan managed to secure some 150 green plant seedlings from Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang through the Botanical Gardens, Penang. On the 3rd of March, the MBS Rovers comprising sixth form girls have started clearing their allotted plot of land and made it into a “garden” at a fenced-up area next to the Living Skills Workshop.

The B. Braun Learning Corridor
Initiated 17 February
Project Leaders : Ho Sen Keat & Justin Fong
The B. Braun Learning Corridor is a project fully sponsored by B. Braun Medical Industries. There are 20 panels of notice boards, each measuring 4 feet by 3 feet in size. As the name suggests, this would be a corridor whereby students could digest a lot of information during their free time. 6 panels are devoted to the environmental cause with headings like Current Issues on the Environment (Local and Foreign), What We Can Do, Pictures of the MBS Green Project, Pollution, Speeches By Our Students and Endangered Species.

MBS Mini Exhibition on Environmental Awareness
11-12 May The 2-day mini exhibition was held at the school foyer. Posters taken from the Go Green Exhibition held at the Megamal, Seberang Perai and Golden Sands Resorts’ Recycling Exhibition were displayed. The winners of the colouring contests and the 1,100 student signatures pledging to the MBS Environmental Commitment were also displayed.

Visit To Golden Sands Resort
5 May
37 school captains visited the resort to have a hands-on look at how a responsible corporate like Golden Sands Resort manage their wastes. The students were made up of prefects, librarians, traffic wardens and career-guidance members.
There was a 20 minute video presentation on recycling by the Malaysian Newsprint Industry. The students also supported the Golden Sands’ Recycle for Rewards Campaign by contributing 100 piles of newspapers, each pile measuring 8 inches in thickness and weighing an estimated 200 kilogrammes.
The resort’s Director of Communications, Mr. Sulaiman Tunku Abdul Rahman took the 37 students and 6 teachers present on a hands-on tour of the resort and view its “green” programme

Nature Walks, Nature Trips & Star Gazing
The Principal, Mr. Choong Thean Chuan led a team of 15 students of the Astronomy Club to the Air Itam Dam for a nature walk on 18 March. They also had a star gazing session on 7 April.

Weekly Cleanest Class Campaign
January - November
Project Leader : Mrs. Yeoh Gim Suan
OnGoing (NOTE: This a year long project)
This programme is aimed at instilling cleanliness habits amongst the student population within the classroom. Duty teachers will have to award marks for every class and pick the cleanest class every week. The class chosen will be awarded a certificate by the principal during the school assembly. The project is on going throughout the year.

Millenium Tree-Planting Programme
15th October
Project Leader : Mr. Ooi Keng Chew
The Principal, Mr. Choong, Head of Student Affairs, Mr. Ooi Keng Chew, three teachers and 27 students planted 30 trees at the fringe of the school compound. This was in response to the government’s call to commemorate the Millenium Tree-Planting Programme. The event was reported in “The Star”. A post mortem tree count 6 months later reported that MBS was the only school with a credible 15 (it should have been 25) trees growing well. The MBS Millenium Tree-Planting team and the press report are attached.

Signature Campaign
11-12 May
Project Leaders : Lye Hong Loon/Shawn Lam
The campaign was held to involve all the students in the morning session as a follow-up to the pledge-taking ceremony on 3 May. The signatories, totalling 1,100 students pledge to uphold the MBS Environmental Statement. The Principal, the Senior Assistants and Senior Teachers also signed the pledge that was laminated. Three copies of this pledge were pasted in key areas of the school.

School Green Corner
A Green Corner was initiated at the school library. The main aim was to allow an area that can provide information on environmental protection. The materials should come in handy for sixth formers who are taking General Studies. 15 different kinds of pamphlets relating to the environment were placed for reading by the teachers and students. Topics covered include recycling, health food, use of pesticides, the newsprint industry, state parks and many others. There are five copies of each pamphlet. Two display boards of information are also on show.

Anti-Noise & Clean Air Campaign
Students are to push their motorcycles out of the school premises during school dismissal hours. School buses are not allowed in the school compound.
No Smoking and Drive Slowly signs are prominently placed to reduce noise and air pollution

MBS Nature Lovers’ Website
Done was created to share environmental concerns and the school’s commitment towards a greener, better and cleaner environment. All the projects of the school are pasted on the website. Students can easily access the interactive website.

Joining the Malaysian Nature Society
Information from the society’s magazine is disseminated via the school notice board. The Nature Lover’s Club intends to participate in the Malaysian Nature Society’s eco-tourism tour with money raised from the bookmark projects.

A plaque with the MBS environment statement is placed at popular corridor of the school.

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