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Last Updated: 8 July 2002

Welcome To Our Website!

Last Updated: 8 July 2002
The next Chief Minister's Green Award will commence soon! This year we will aim for new heights after our surprise achievement last year. Stay tuned for updates!

You have reached the website for the Chief Minister's Green Award 2002 project. We are from Methodist Boys' School Penang and this website is intended to simplify the working process of all our members.

How, you might ask? Simple! Members can log in and check up their duties from anywhere anytime. They can also see the status of their project, whether it is Done, Ongoing or On hold.

What else is the purpose of the website? It is for other people, whether they are students, teachers or the public to see our active efforts in helping the Earth to be a cleaner place. Photos speak a thousand words and we also have quite a number of photos taken of us in action.

That's all? Of course not. I'll put up interesting articles about the environment sourced from any place possible. This will be done periodically. In fact, 2 articles are already online!

Convinced? To get around the website, you need to have JavaScript enabled. The Site Navigator on top and below will be visible. Open it up and choose where you want to visit. That's all!

I hope you will have a great time, learn something and send me your comments at

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